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    Lightroom 5.6 freezing since Yosemite 10.10 installed


      This is driving me nuts.  I read about random issues with Lr and the new Yosemite OS, but I cannot pinpoint any solutions.  Basically, since "upgrading" to Yosemite, Lr 5.6 freezes.  I cannot even get through an import before the computer freezes and restarts itself.  I did a clean install of Lr, and it was working in the develop module today.  But now its acting up again. 


      So my question:  Is anyone else having this issue and what is the fix? 


      15" rMBP with 8gigs of RAM, 256 SDD, but all photo files live on an externa Lacie rugged 1TB drive.  Running Yosemite 10.10, which has been a huge mistake so far.