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    Creating Scrollable Content In a PDF




      I'm looking at creating a pdf to send to a client or potential employer (resume) with a scrollable frame so they can using their mouse to click on it and view multiple images by scrolling from left to right. This could for example be used to view 5 or 6 pictures of a photographers portfolio or a number of logo designs for a Graphic Designer. The idea would be to have a frame that contains a number of images that scroll from left to right using the mouse and cursor as the means of moving the images in the frame. I'm not looking for an animation or movie. It must be able to be viewed in Adobe Acrobat.


      I have searched but can only find solutions that are aimed towards EPUBS.


      What I really want to know is "can this be done". If it can't then I can look at producing something else.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.