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    My RAW images get corrupted after downloaded  HELP



      Hey anyone, and if you do not know why this is happening, please pass it on.


      attached in an image I was looking at in LR, this same problem has occurred in Bridge. while looking at images all of a sudden part or all of the image goes into psychedelic colors as seem in the lower rt side. anything from a line thru the middle of the picture to the total image with all sorts of mosaics of color this has been happening for may years. a forum told me I had a corrupt card reader, another said something to do with the computer. so to put this in perspective.  i have used many different card readers, two different computers.  two different operating windows systems. original was XP and new one is windows 7.  this image was not copied from one computer to another so it is a new image downloaded into the newer computer.  Once in a while when I open the image it reverts back to the image without the wiierd  colors in it. If I bring it into bridge the same things happen in corruptions .  I have lost images from many years ago in bryce canyon to this issue . 

      Once the image is saved in a different formate , JPG< PSD, Tiff. etc it never corupts. ONLY the RAW files corrupt and DNG.   for a while I started shooting in both JPG and RAW just to have a back up.  two different cameras, many different card readers. many cards. still happening.  any help would be appreciated , have not found anything on the adobe forums.  if you have no idea could you pass this one to friends , need a solution,  for a while I backed up all the images when downloading directly to a hard drive without going thru LR or photoshop just to have a replacement. that just gets crazy to do after time.

      As you can see on the lower left there is crazy stuff going on. sometimes it is the total image corrupted.

      PS , if the two forums , fred miranda, and lumosity landscapes , do not have an answer, please help me find one.  it is horrible to loose images from years ago much less last wk to this issue. 

      BTW this does not happen on my old Vista laptop,  thanks for helping in advance.  steve


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          areohbee Level 6

          Probably disk or ram failure.


          I mean, if images are bad in Lr from the get-go (immediately after importing), then it could be a card reader etc., but when known good images are going bad, then it's due to internal computer hardware failure, usually disk or ram.


          OK, yeah, there is a remote possibility that your Lr had it's brains scrambled, e.g. due to virus.., but that is the least likely of all possibilities, in my not-so-humble opinion.




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            drschwam@gmail.com Level 1

            rob., thanks for an answer,  what is strange is it started with an older computer years back,  I had a new computer built and did the same thing with new hardware, RAM, hardrives, eetc.  when I originally posted this over 5 years ago was told probably card reader (changed that at least two or three time) samera issue, ( new camera now) Ram issues ( different ram different computer)  it could be bad coincidence or maybe my wife having someone hack my computer since I tend to go into photography land  but sell nothing cause I have fun doing it .  anyway. at least you answered.  thanks you.

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              areohbee Level 6

              Certainly, if the same thing is happening with all different hardware it points to some other sort of system problem (or Lightroom software), but I sure don't have a clue what it might be. As you are probably aware, 99.9X % of Lr users have no such symptoms, and I doubt if any other users will be able to help much.


              That said, unless you can nail it to the wall (convince Adobe of an Lr software problem), these are the only options I can think of:

              * solve via system changes.

              * keep running the risk of continuing to have the problem whilst hoping for a fix.

              * use another software


              Not sure what else to say - I empathize and sympathize.., and wish you best of luck.


              I hope you will keep us posted if you have any more info that will shed light.



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                drschwam@gmail.com Level 1


                last option not viable, LR or PS  really can not be replaced, I could live

                without LR , have had it since version 1 release think 2007ish.   It was

                mainly a way to keep track of ones images via search words .    good idea,

                since this was difficult pre-digital with tons of negative.

                I use it for down and dirty qucik editing to post something on G+  or FB

                but not for final editing.   RAW thru PS is where I do that and then into

                PS .


                If my wife would not leave me I would switch to Mac. not happening as a

                hobby at this time.  my guess is a freaking RAM issue or operatting system

                that maybe when I transfered my images from the old computer to the new I

                carried some type of bug with the transfer to the new computer.  but that

                is reallllly reaching.

                Adobe has not been helpful in the least, but that is not new.


                you are only one of two people to give some advice, very appreciated  and I

                am about 98% that your suggestions are correct.



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                  drschwam@gmail.com Level 1

                  whoops , looks like you are with adobe?????

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                    areohbee Level 6

                    Hi Steve,


                    I'm not affiliated with Adobe.


                    There are many claims that Lr is corrupting raw images, the vast majority (if not all of them) are due to system problems, not Lr software.


                    Since it's ~impossible to prove there isn't such a problem, what could they (Adobe) really say about it? "we're skeptical.." - I doubt that would be very comforting.


                    Or how about "yeah: we know that there is an insidious bug which occasionally results in corrupted raws - we've been chasing it for years and still can't find it.." - yeah: like they'd admit to that in a public forum before H. freezes over.. .




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                      drschwam@gmail.com Level 1

                      agreed , PS has been no help even if I can get someone that actually does photography on the line (always someone from  another country , that screws around with my computer.  if you ever run into someone with the same problem let me know.  A friend , that  had the same issue gave me some things to do. will try them .  gonna be a long night  running chkdsk

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                        Yammer Level 4

                        I can't see any photo.


                        It very much sounds to me like like you have a user-specific problem, as this sort of thing hardly ever crops up here, and I've been a regular for 6 years.


                        As you have helpfully explained, you have seen the problem with different hardware, so we would assume that it's not a hardware issue.  Unfortunately, life is not so simple.  If you could go into a bit more detail about the hardware (e.g. manufacturer/model of motherboard/memory/hard drive, etc.) and any hints into how it was set up, that might help properly eliminate the gear.


                        Another thing which follows you around is utility software and workflow.  You may have a specific set of applications you install on all your machines. You may have a particular way of working, configuration or non-standard default settings you use, which expose a flaw in the software.

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                          i'm having the same problem.

                          once the RAW imports to LR5, they get scrambled.

                          tried different cards, a new reader, and the computer (imac) is new. photos have imported fine on this machine before.

                          kind of lost here.

                          this is how they look in preview once imported. Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 10.44.54 AM.png