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    Need serious help with rendering small files


      Okay so I have adobe after effects cc 2014 watched and spent probably over 30 hours watching tutorials and trying to render videos and everything is 10gb plus i feel like this is a joke seeing as everyone else i know is rendering 200mb by doing exactly what im doing in the same program.


      Wasting my time & money here and starting to lose my mind please can someone help!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Basic Workflow

          Watch the last video on rendering using the Adobe Media Encoder. That's the best tool to create a deliverable product. You can also use AME to create Digital Intermediates with production quality lossless or nearly lossless 10 bit or better codecs. Rendering is a very important part of making any video with any program and it's important that you at least understand the basics of Compression and MPEG (h.264) streams. The Vimeo or YouTube presets will work for just about any delivery system.

          Type "rendering" in the Search Help field at the top right corner of After Effects and go through the resources you find there. I've been using AE since it was being developed by COSA and have been part of the development teams on plug-ins and even I use this new Search Help field all the time. Don't forget to use it.

          Adobe - Search: rendering