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    FLV Playback Autorewind problem

    The bloke from stoke
      Hi guys

      I am working on a project that uses the flvplayback component that is fed information via an xml file but am having a problem with the player rewinding once the video has finished playing.

      In the flvplayback components parameter section I have set autorewind to true but the video doesn't rewind. Instead the video gets to the end and then the bufferbar appears and starts animating.

      I have tried the player with several videos and it does work with some but not all of my videos. If it helps I am passing the flv's totalTime value via the xml. Also does it matter if the video's duration is not a whole number e.g. 1min 20.4 secs or does it have to be rounded to the nearest second.

      Finally the videos have been encoded using sorenson squeeze 4.0 and could it possibly be an encoding issue.

      I would be very greateful for any help with this

      Many thanks