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    Adding date picture taken to multiple photos



      I am a total novice in scripting, but I believe that there should be a way to create a batch script that reads the date taken information from a jpeg file and adds it as a stamp on all of the photos. Is this true? Does anyone have a script that they can point me to? Thanks!

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          Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Yes, can get the date the image was shot with the below code. You would then create a new text layer, position it where you want it and use the return value of the below function to replace the text content.


          function getEXIFDate(){
              var eDate = false;
                  if(docRef.info.exif[i][0] == 'Date Time Original'){
                      eDate = new Array()
                      eDate = docRef.info.exif[i][1].split(' ')
                      };//get the date from the exif file returns false in it does not exist.
              };//end for loop to get EXIF date
              return eDate
              };//end function getEXIFDate