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    Increasing the size of the menu on my PC


      I have Premiere 12. Has an update or patch been issued that increases the menu bars? The size on my Lenovo Yoga2 is completely unreadable, no matter what screen resolution I pick.  Thx  Dr JWF

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          A.T. Romano Level 7

          Dr JWF


          Premiere Elements 12 has only one update, that is, 12.1 Update. One of the major actions of this update is to correct a text style Expert workspace issue in 12. There are probably other undefined matters that it remedies; however, I have not seen it to have any impact on size of menu. That remains "it is what it is".


          Have you tried to gain some advantage in this matter by adjusting display settings -

          Small 100% (default)

          Medium 125%

          Large 150%


          And, I have not discovered any gains in this matter in the current version, 13.