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    Still image to motion video template?


      I've been seeing a few commercials and even a few videos surface, one in particular, which seems to be a pencil illustration of a dog which then comes to life to the actual video image of the dog.  Does anyone know what I am referring to?  I don't know what they are called but I would love to do some of these for my own work and I don't know where to start or even how to for that matter. 

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Pretty simple really. You need to pick some frames of your video and either export them or use a plug-in to auto trace those lines to outlines. Then you run a few frames of the video converted to outlines and do a simple transition. The trick is converting the video frames to outlines. There are several plug-ins that will do this. You can export say every other frame of 2 seconds of video to an image sequence, load those images into Illustrator as separate layers, then auto trace and convert, then import the illustrator file as a comp, sequence the layers and do your transition. A little FYI here -- most cell animation, the kind that you are looking at is frame doubled. IOW, every two frames are identical. If your comp is running 24 fps then you need 12 images...


          You can also do some amazing things fairly quickly in Photoshop by simply opening a few frames of a video in Photoshop and applying filters to the work there.


          A specific link to the exact video you want to emulate would be helpful.

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            Lionbacker24 Level 1

            Thank you, Rick.  I'm fairly new to all of this and have just been dabbling with templates.  I will look into what you suggested.  I wish I could remember the commercial I'm talking about but here, where the girl turns from illustration to video at around 20 seconds in is what I want to pull off Tomorrowland 2014 | Official Aftermovie - YouTube



            I would also LOVE to do this type of Illustration video like the beginning of the previous video

            Tomorrowland 2014 | Introduction - YouTube


            Problem is my skills are novice at this time so where to even look to maybe take a class or learn is also where I would like feedback on.  Again thank you for pointing me in a better direction

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The first example can be done with a single frame of video in Photoshop with watercolor effects applied and a gradient wipe.