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    Why won't Premiere run?


      Hi, I have used Premiere Elements in the past on my computer with no issues,

      but it's been about 18 months since I last tried to do anything with it.

      Recently my kids upgraded their iPhones and I was suspicious that they might

      have loaded something that it didn't like.


      So I have now loaded and reloaded it several times, but it still only shows the

      slash screen and then stops.  So to recap what I've done:


      1) the software ran fine on the PC in the past.  The PC is a quad core i5 with

      10gig of memory with a 1 terabyte compressed hard drive with 1.42 terabytes of free space.

      I've run  defrag etc and utilities have been used to free up space and temporary files.


      2)I have deinstalled the software and reinstalled it several times. First time

      I did not select the deactivate feature. After that I have. Last time I tried without

      key just to see if it would at least load (demo mode).


      3) I have removed all non-original non-system fonts to make sure there wasn't a

      rogue font issue.


      4) I have gone into the registry and deactivated video codecs hoping that one of them

      might be the issue.


      5) Elements loads and appears to be working just fine. As does the Organizer.


      6) while my regular windows account does have admin privileges, I have created the

      super user admin account activated only from the command line to ensure that there

      are no access rights issue.  All activity is now down from that account.


      When trying to load Premier Elements (by running directly from the installation

      folder, not through the organizer interface), it just hangs on the splash screen.

      Looking at the Windows event log, it appears that it is getting an "AppHangB2" error,

      in in the hex dump of the tool, the only hex that I can find translates to "unknown"

      with no further information reported.


      (as a side note, I did make sure I loaded the latest version of Quicktime, first time it

      wouldn't run as it was looking for something called "application manager" which a reinstallation

      fixed, and I don't have the NVIDIA card (mine is an AMD))


      Please help!


      (the following is from Organizer system info)


      Elements Organizer

      Core Version: 10.0 (20110914.m.17521)

      Language Version: 10.0 (20110914.m.17521)


      Current Catalog:

      Catalog Name: My Catalog 1

      Catalog Location: C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Elements Organizer\Catalogs\My Catalog 1\

      Catalog Size: 128KB

      Catalog Cache Size: 25.5KB



      Operating System Name: Windows 7

      Operating System Version: 6.1 Service Pack 1

      System Architecture: Intel CPU Family:6 Model:10 Stepping:7 with MMX, SSE Integer, SSE FP

      Built-in Memory: 10GB

      Free Memory: 7.9GB


      Important Drivers / Plug-ins / Libraries:

      Microsoft DirectX Version: 9.0

      Apple QuickTime Version: 7.76

      Adobe Reader Version: 11.0

      Adobe Acrobat Version: Not installed


      CD and DVD drives:

      G: (hp CDDVDW BUS: 1 ID: 1 Firmware: SH-216ALN)

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Premiere Elements 10 Windows 7 64 bit


          1. Does the problem exist with or without the antivirus and firewall(s) disabled?

          Do you have any other security programs on that computer that might be causing the Premiere Elements issues?


          2. Is your AMD card driver version up to date according to the web site of the manufacturer of the card?


          3. Have you gone through the drill of deleting the Adobe Premiere Elements Prefs file, and, if that did not work, the

          whole 10.0 Folder in which the Adobe Premiere Elements Prefs file exists?

          Local Disk C






          Premiere Elements


          and in the 10.0 Folder is the Adobe Premiere Elements Prefs file that you delete. If necessary, delete the whole 10.0 Folder

          in which the Adobe Premiere Elements Prefs file exists. Be sure to be working with Folder Option Show Hidden Files, Folders,

          and Drives active so that you can see the complete path cited.


          4. Download and install the tryout Premiere Elements 10 from the following web site and insert your purchased serial number into


          Photoshop Elements 10 Direct Download Links: Free Trials, Premiere | ProDesignTools

          We sure to read and carry out carefully the web site's "Note: Very Important Instructions" in order to avoid Access Denied Messages.


          Please review and consider and then we will decide what next.


          We will be watching for your results.


          Thank you.



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            kjg48359 Level 1

            Hi ATR, thank you for responding. I have done all of the above multiple times.  All anti-virus and fire walls have been turned off during multiple attempts. The copy I'm loading is from the link you provided.  In addition, I have been doing everything under the "hidden" admin account as suggested through this link: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/enable-the-hidden-administrator-account-on-wi ndows-vista.  In addition, I have noticed that the original install routine placed the executable files into the "programs" instead of "programs(86)" subdirectory which is where I have reloaded it multiple times now.  I have deleted the prefs folders a couple of times as well (although since I did a couple of days ago, I have not looked at it for the last couple of install attempts).


            Is there a possibility that somehow my license might be registered multiple times locking me out?  When I previously copied my license key in from my Adobe account, it took it without any issues or further warnings during the install cycle.  The first time I uninstalled it, I did not deactivate it, but subsequent deinstall and reinstall attempts I have done that (although I've never tried to install it on any other PCs since our other ones would not have sufficient resources).


            Since this has run in the past with no issues, I would think at this point there has to be an external influence I'm not aware of.  During initialization, does it create any kind of log file I can review?  Or, would I be able to start the program with a command switch that would allow me to capture a log (for instance many older programs, or programs with a long history in Windows will allow that as an option such as MS Word [such as "Premier Elements.exe /L"])?


            Thank you.

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              kjg48359 Level 1

              Hi again.


              Just to be sure, I did follow your link to a fresh copy of the download, and it does appear that the version you sent me to (I hope) was specific to 64bit.


              Unfortunately it did not make any difference.  Still hanging during initialization.  So, are there any "debugging" switches I can pass in to help determine what the issue is that is preventing it from loading?  Remember, it ran fine with older versions of software.



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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Thanks for the replies.


                You determined the specificity of the installation files at the web site suggested for the tryout. You did that by selecting the files that included 64 bit in their names.


                Have you looked at Premiere Element 10 Windows 7 64 bit Event Viewer/Windows Logs Folder and its Application for errors, warnings, information related to the event taking place on your computer at a given time?


                Also, consider creating a new User Account with Administrative Privileges and installing and running Premiere Elements 10 there.



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                  kjg48359 Level 1

                  In addition, I also loaded the extras in-case a missing plug in or optional item was preventing it from loading.  No difference. This time I plugged in my license during the installation, but I noticed that the splash screen still says "Trail Version."


                  Still at a loss.

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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    In the splash screen that you are seeing, do you see two options, License this Product or Try?

                    If so, click on License this Product and follow the instructions which will probably include putting in your purchased serial number again.


                    We will be watching for those results.



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                      Joshua L

                      Have you installed any sound card recently. Try removing the sound card (and the related drivers) and check if things work fine.

                      Ensure that you have the copy of the drivers, so that you can install it later.

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                        kjg48359 Level 1

                        Hi ATR

                        In the splash screen that you are seeing, do you see two options, License this Product or Try?

                        If so, click on License this Product and follow the instructions which will probably include putting in your purchased serial number again.

                        Thanks, but no, and remember it's a splash screen, there are no options to do anything (no buttons in which I could take any actions are available).


                        I'm also responding to your other questions:


                        1) Admin account - please see my previous post,I am now doing all work related to this under the 'super admin' account which can only be activated from Window 7's command line which has complete access to all system resources.

                        2) There have been NO system hardware changes since the last time it worked. And remember, I can't imagine there are any driver issues because all sound and video options worked fine previously. So, no, there are issues related that as far as I would expect. In addition, I have disabled video codecs and removed all non-essential fonts to ensure that there aren't any issues with those items.

                        3) Yes, I made sure I downloaded and installed 64 bit versions of everything.

                        4) I've been asking is there is a "verbose" mode that Elements can be started in so I can see exactly what it is during initialization that is causing it to fail.  The Windows event log just shows "AppHangB" and in the hex dump all I can make out is a value of "unknown" but nothing else.  Is there a specific Premiere Elements log that is created every time it starts that could help me?

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                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                          Have you seen the following Adobe document related to troubleshooting install using logs? But is this before the point into which you want to go deeper?

                          Troubleshoot install using logs | Elements

                          At the user to user level, I have not come across any other logs troubleshooting.


                          I am not familiar with what you are doing with the command prompt and the User Account. That is why I asked about the outcome of the typical setup of a new User Account with Administrative Privileges in the Control Panel area.


                          I am not seeing where the audio card/driver is implicated in this. But, have you ruled in or out that suggestion? If you have not already, you might explore any AMD card user customization related to Premiere Elements.


                          Earlier you said that you looked at the Premiere Elements 10 tryout from the web site suggested and the results of that were the same as with your own installation files. Have you looked at the Premiere Elements 13 tryout from that same source to determine if that is also going to meet the same fate?

                          Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 Direct Download Links, Premiere too | ProDesignTools


                          At this point, I am not seeing where anything short of a Windows reinstall might be indicated. Do you think that we are there yet with that extreme?



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                            kjg48359 Level 1



                            a quick update and look through installation files looks like everything has installed correctly.  From the log file in the %temp% area, the following line appears:


                            "MSI (c) (30:A0) [19:54:58:555]: Windows Installer installed the product.
                                Product Name: Adobe Premiere Elements 10.
                                Product Version: 10.0.

                                Product Language: 1033.
                                Manufacturer: Adobe Systems Incorporated.
                                Installation success or error status: 0."


                            So i'm thinking it's still a runtime issue.  I will try to disable audio codecs and see if that might make a difference (wish there was a start up log that I could look at that would be similar to the installation logs).


                            Since I know that the preferences have been deleted in the past, I'll try that one more time as well.

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                              A.T. Romano Level 7



                              We will be watching for your results.


                              We will continue to think about this some more.


                              Thanks for the updates.



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                                kjg48359 Level 1

                                disabling audio codecs did not make a difference.  Unfortunately, this is as far as I get.  So frustrating as it work fine about a year ago...



                                It's just got to be something relatively simple (or so one would think).


                                According to the logs, I think I've reinstalled this now about 7 times in the last 3 days.

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                                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                                  Time for recap....


                                  What you are installing is being interpreted as a trial version. What did you use to get that screenshot that you show in post 12 - your own installation files or installation disc?

                                  a. After you downloaded and installed the tryout files from the web site that I posted and inserted your purchased serial number into those files during installation, did that same screen also say "Adobe Premiere Elements 10" with "trial version" in the line below?


                                  If you go to Adobe web site and its "My Products" section after you Sign In there, do you confirm that you are using the same purchased serial number that you have been trying to use for these multiple uninstalls/reinstalls?


                                  Please remind me...if you go to the Program Files and to the Adobe Premiere Elements.exe file, right click it, select Run As Administrator, and then double click it to open Premiere Elements 10, do you meet up with the same view as seen in the screenshot (trial version description et al)?


                                  More later.



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                                    kjg48359 Level 1

                                    ATR: as best as I can answer.  The version I "purchased" came pre-installed on PC from HP.  We un-installed all the latest Apple products that my family was using to upgrade their phone (such as iTunes and some cloud back-up stuff).  That's when I re-downloaded the software from your link, as being originally preloaded, I did not have any disks when the PC was received as new.  My reinstall of PRE from web downloads is not resolving it's run time issue.  I just cannot get it past the splash screen I captured last night.


                                    by-the-way - I have called HP in years past asking for install disks and they would not supply them. However, there really isn't anything special about the PC, I tend to remove most trail and bloat ware that most manufactures tend to load up on anyway (and besides, remember, it ran fine about 18 months ago).


                                    As to what I posted in the above shot, yes, it is run from the Administer account (this is the one that is "super" administer with full access to all user accounts). I have the PC almost running in 'safe' mode in that almost all normal utilities (such as anti-virus, and even the Adobe updater, and Java updater) are all turned off.   And yes, in this last install attempt, I did plug in the PRE registration code that was preserved on Adobe's website under my account during the installation.  I noticed that I had two Elements ids (probably going back to my original PC's version 2 of that product), but only one that was labeled as Premiere Elements.


                                    I have updated the link on the desktop to run PRE directly, and to not run the organizer (in other words, in the link properties, one can just drop the "10" from the end of the name to run PRE directly instead of the organizer since they are named the same with suffix being the distinction).


                                    About the only thing I have also encountered is that we did get some kind of malware that I did remove and haven't had an issue since maybe 8 months ago (the normal account runs the full Norton suite as provided from Comcast).  Would there be anything potentially related to that such that a dll may not be able to be overwritten if something is using at the time of the install?  I guess as I think about it (I had forgotten this issue), would it make any difference to run the install in 'safe' mode only (with no internet connection)?

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                                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                                      You need an Internet connection to activate the program and several "one time activation" features afterward.


                                      But, I remember seeing an Adobe Staff post in this forum the other day with an Adobe Acrobat document on "Offline Activation".

                                      I have not dissected that to see what that is all about. I think that the following is the link

                                      Offline Activation

                                      I have no idea how applicable this is to Premiere Elements and your particular situation.


                                      Do you have any other computer in the household on which you can install Premiere Elements 10?


                                      More later.



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                                        kjg48359 Level 1

                                        ok, I'm going to try to load one more time from "safe" mode + internet. 


                                        I've read that if there is a bad driver, that there is supposed to be a log of it.  I think I might have found it under

                                        C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Premiere Elements\10.0,  a file called "BadDrivers.txt"


                                        Opening it yields: "##FALSE#0#0#0" which I'm assuming must mean that there does not seem to be any issues?


                                        I'm going to make sure that all logs and preferences are deleted by hand before rebooting into safe more.  I'll update again after the reinstall and reboot.

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                                          kjg48359 Level 1

                                          Reinstalled for the umpteenth time using the highest clearance account under "Administrator" run as and administrator.  Could NOT do it under safe mode as it prevented itself from running.  Made sure that the preferences folders under App Data/Roaming was wiped out.  No anti-virus, or other checking software was running.


                                          I even typed in "by hand" the software key, just to make sure I did not include a non-viewable character as a precaution.


                                          I'm still getting the exact freeze on the splash window.  And with the full reinstall, it still has the "Trail Version" on the splash screen.


                                          Oh, by the way, the "activation without internet" applied to Acrobat.  I did try to do the same with an Adobe utility called "LicenseRecovery.exe" which actually appears to have been designed for PRE 8 & PRE 9.  That did not make any change.


                                          Is there a way to obtain disks?  If you look at my Adobe account, it does show when these products were purchased, it just seems that there is still something wrong.


                                          (as seen from my Adobe Account)



                                          I know that everything else was working fine as of June/July of last year (so it appears that we probably purchased the "new" PC right around Christmas 2011).

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                                            A.T. Romano Level 7



                                            With regard to post numbered 16 and the BadDrivers.txt file.

                                            Post 10 of the following older thread has the rationale behind deletion this file when display issues are not remedied by

                                            updating the video card's/graphics card's driver version. Deletion of this file has been a life saver to many users of Premiere Elements 9.0/9.0.1 and later.

                                            Re: Premiere Elements 9 Tryout Serious Display Problem


                                            The story is quite different for the Premiere Elements 10/NVIDIA GeForce people. Deletion of this file is not the answer. The major

                                            remedy for them is rolling back the driver version to May 2013.


                                            If you wanted to delete the BadDrivers.txt file for Premiere Elements 10 on Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 64 bit, yes the path would be

                                            Local Disk C

                                            Program Data


                                            Premiere Elements


                                            and in the 10. Folder is the BadDrivers.txt file that you delete. After you close out of there and re-open Premiere Elements 10, the

                                            program will generate a new BadDrivers.txt file and hopefully the display issues et al are gone. Reminder - you need to be working

                                            with Folder Option Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives active so that you can see the complete path cited.



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                                              kjg48359 Level 1

                                              Thanks, but that is not the issue (for one, I have an AMD video card and system, and secondly, I did update it).  In addition, I always show hidden files, and file extensions.


                                              So now I'm at a 100% total loss and feel like I'm out of options.  Would I have to see if I have a system restore point and go back to one from about 2 years ago, is that about the only option left?

                                              • 20. Re: Why won't Premiere run?
                                                A.T. Romano Level 7



                                                Does not matter that you have an AMD video card and it is up to date when it comes to BadDrivers.txt file.


                                                As for System Restore, I would think it unusual to have restore points going back 2 years ago.

                                                System Restore: frequently asked questions - Windows Help


                                                What about installing Premiere Elements 10 on another computer? Will it install?


                                                Please remind me.......have you tried to install a tryout of 11, 12, or 13 on this same computer to verify

                                                that it is only Premiere Elements 10 that is resisting installation? Back in post 9, I wrote

                                                Have you looked at the Premiere Elements 13 tryout from that same source to determine if that is also going to meet the same fate?

                                                Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 Direct Download Links, Premiere too | ProDesignTools

                                                I am not finding the answer to that question in the posts that followed. At this point I am not suggesting that you buy Premiere Elements 13. For

                                                now just use it as a troubleshooting tool and then decide what next.



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                                                  kjg48359 Level 1

                                                  ATR. The struggle continues.  I did download and install PRE13 as a trail version and it does exactly the same thing at the same point.


                                                  so. I decided that while perhaps I updated the AMD "Catalyst" software that controls the monitor, I went into the device manager and made sure that the video card, sound card and DVD drivers were all up to date.  It looks like it might have made a slight version change on the video hardware driver.


                                                  But then after rebooting, I got an error that "kdbsync.exe" had stopped.  So that lead to an internet serarch that pointed to a utility included in the AMD video drivers suite.  So further research and I ended up removing "APP SDK Runtime", "HDMI Audio Driver," and "HydroVision" from the Catalyst control center (that is part of the video control software).


                                                  so now that left me to think that I should make sure that all windows patches were up to date and then I realized that there is something going on as the Windows updater service seems to have a problem.  I'll finish chasing that one down, and make sure that all patches are applied, something else might be involved in that.  I'll probably have to finish this tomorrow night, just running out of time!

                                                  • 22. Re: Why won't Premiere run?
                                                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                                                    I see progress in that struggle.


                                                    Looking forward to next report.


                                                    Are we getting to the point of taking the computer back to the factory defaults?



                                                    • 23. Re: Why won't Premiere run?
                                                      kjg48359 Level 1

                                                      Thank you for your help ATR.  It was quite a struggle.  I guess after not being on the system much (it's a family PC) between everything else the family does, something in Windows obviously got corrupted.  I couldn't even get windows update to work, but eventually got it.  The key was taking your suggestion to try PRE13 as a demo, and when that wouldn't load, I knew something else was a miss.  I had windows updater running automatically for a couple of years, and didn't think to check it, but there was probably some patch in the many plus updates that fixed something to get it running again.


                                                      All is well now and anti-virus is reactivated, flash player is also on the latest version as are all the video drivers etc.  And Windows auto updates are functioning again.


                                                      And I have PRE10 running again. Thank you again for the suggestions which eventually got me to run down to the root of the issue (which apparently was probably something corrupted was probably patched correctly).    Being able to concentrate again on pictures and slide shows again instead of working on technical issues is a great relief!

                                                      • 24. Re: Why won't Premiere run?
                                                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                                                        Great, great news of your progress. Many thanks for the follow through on the troubleshooting paths.


                                                        Special appreciation for sharing the outcome which will help all those looking for and exploring troubleshooting shooting



                                                        Best wishes