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    InDesign search multiple formats at once in find and replace

    Woodsie Maggie Level 1

      I am pretty new to InDesign and InDesign forums.  I am having problems figuring out how to do this task.  I am using CS6, and  I have a rather large document that has a glitch in the formatting.  The Latin names for species are in italics, but for some reason the space between them is not always in italics, and this is creating havoc with indexing the species.  In the first name below the space is italicized, and in the second it is not, so the whole name cannot be indexed because the italics is the key to creating the index.  I need to change the space between italic words to be italicized, but I cannot figure out how to use multiple format types within one find command to do this. I need to search out an italics word or wild card and un-italicized space and italics word or wild card and change it to all italics. Does anyone have any advice?  I greatly appreciate your time.

      Epinotia aceriella

      Sparganothis pettitana

      Thank You!