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    Poor Develop module performance on new retina iMac

    F Tedsen Level 1

      All of the Develop module operation are extremely slow on my retina iMac.  This machine has the 4.0 GHz processor and upgraded GPU.  It should be very fast, and in fact for operations such as import, export, and preview creation it is.  But for Develop module functions it is much slower than my Mac Mini and my wife's Macbook Air.  When moving adjustment sliders, there is a delay of a second or more before the effect is seen on screen.  The same operation on the other computers is nearly instantaneous.  I am running version 5.6, but I went back and tried it with version 4.4 as well with the same result.  Can anyone give me advice on how to proceed?  Apple support says contact Adobe, but I haven't found any way to contact Adobe directly; I keep getting directed to the forums.  Thanks.

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