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    Why are my Lightroom adjustments not carried over into Photoshop for further editing?


      I will make adjustments in light room, then i will right click the image, then "edit in", then "edit in adobe photoshop cc".

      When i save in photoshop and email it to myself to check it, the color adjustments and contrast and ect, have not been added to the image. But if i export the image directly from lightroom and email it to myself, the image has all the adjustments and looks just like on screen. so it's not my monitor. and they are both 64 bit systems. what is the problem?? Please help!!

      the only way i have been able to go around this so far is to reopen the image in camera raw, make the adjustments in that, then resave and then it will take affect. But even then i have to go a little over on the adjustments to make them look how i want them to once emailed or printed out.