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    Geometry information different on Server then on Desktop

    FarzanaArethwala Level 1

      Hello All,


      I am facing a weird problem under InDesign CS5.5 Server x64 Bit PC. I have a plugin functionality which calculates the geometry of Image Frame and the Image placed inside the frame. This same plugin works on 32 bit version Desktop application of InDesign CS5.5 and on 64 bit Server Version. We just change the output options and the code is same.


      Still when i execute the plugin on Desktop it gives me correct information and when I execute on the Server it gives me wrong geometry information. Suddenly this has started appearing and am not sure why is it happening.


      For example : if the desktop geometry shows Image width as 1267pts, the server geometry shows me 700pts. Even the frame geometry is not returned correctly.


      Has any one faced this problem anytime.


      Please do let me know what i have missed here.


      Thank you all in advance.