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    Designing books / e-books


      I create books and e-books. What would be the best Adope product to use?

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          How are you doing it now?

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            Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

            And are these books containing

            - only text, no pictures at all

            - text and pictures supplied to you, made by others

            - text and photos you took

            - text and graphics you made

            - something else?

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              ctpd Level 1

              For the e-books I've been using Pages and the KDP. Same for books, but then creating a PDF to upload to CreateSpace.

              The ones I've done before have a few photos in and tables. In the future, I'd like to include pictures and more complex graphics (e.g. graphs / charts).


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                Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

                There are a number of additional eBook options to PDFs (But PDFs are easy to produce from InDesign, they can retain high design values, but they may be difficult to monetize).

                Each type of eBook format has advantages (features) and disadvantages (limitations). There’s no simple answer.

                You can use the latest version of InDesign (2014.1) to produce reflowable text ePubs (which can also be converted to mobi files for use on Kindles) and fixed layout ePubs, and you can produce sophisticated multi-media content via the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.