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    Amazon & HTTPSerivce Problem

      I'm attempting to access the Amazon web services using Flex.

      - I've set up an HTTPService and pointed it to the Amazon REST services.
      - I set up a DataGrid and set the dataProvider to point at 'amazonService.lastResult.ItemSearchResponse.Items.Item'.
      - I'm definitely getting data back and there are a bunch of 'Item' nodes under the 'Item' node.

      The problem I'm running into is how to get data into a DataGridColumn that's deeper down the tree. Amazon returns a structure which has "Items -> Item -> ItemAttributes -> Title". I'm trying to display the 'Title' in the DataGridColumn. I tried setting dataField = 'ItemAttributes.Title' but that didn't work.

      Does anyone have any idea how I can get to the Title?

      Thanks in advance - AYAL