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    Wrong serial number




      I have Mac OS 10.6.8 and I realized that I could install Lightroom 4 (updated to 4.3) as Lightroom 5 coul dnot be installed on my operation system

      so I downloaded and installed Lightroon 4 trial version

      after one month I decided to buy it.

      I clicked buy on start up menu, and linked to Adobe to have the serial number

      I hoped adobe would have learned that I was working on Lightroom 4

      Once my order has been approved I received serial number, but it was related to Lightroom 5

      I tried to fill the serial number, but obviously not working.

      I open a customer case...no reply, I tried to chat this moorning and after few minutes chat interrupted and with my surprise my customer case has got (Withdraw case) w/o having did nothing.


      At the end I reject my shop/product I bought as it seems there is no solution to my trouble:

      to get licence / serials for my Lightroom 4


      there is any chance to get serial number for my lightroom 4??

      for your guide my order was no.  AD001494364EDIT


      waiting yours,

      best regards,

      Pietro (pedrovar99@gmail.com)

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Unfortunately for you, this is a user-to-user forum. So I don't know how much can be done for you here. Adobe doesn't sell Lightroom 4 any more. It is available for download for those who are still using it and need to reinstall. The trial version can be downloaded and when the appropriate serial number is applied will become a regular version of Lightroom 4. Adobe wouldn't know what version you had installed. My suggestion would be for you to keep trying with customer care.

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            pedrovar99 Level 1


            I applied to this forum as I did not get any reply from Adobe to my customer case.


            thanks for your kind reply and consideration

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              hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Hello Pietro,


              sorry but I couldn't answer earlier. It looks very difficult to overcome your problem, despite of all our efforts. This is why I'll try to interest one of Adobe's competent employee to help you/us.


              Please be patient for some time.


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                pedrovar99 Level 1

                Dear Hans,


                what to say....thanks so much for your interest to my trouble.


                I love Lightroom, I consider the real and correct dark room for my pictures,  but I ve no economic possiibility to buy a new Mac to solve the trouble (to install Lightroom 5 I bought)


                thank you so much and hope to hear you soon,




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                  Preran Adobe Employee

                  Hi Pietro,


                  I am checking with the concerned team. Will get back to you as soon as I have a response.




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                    pedrovar99 Level 1

                    Dear Preran,


                    thanks so much for your interest in my trouble


                    It's right to inform you that I opened a customer case already with Adobe.

                    My case is no. 0214171858 (return product)

                    as well explained into my case, I would be more than pleased to pay to have right

                    serial number enable me to work with my lightroom 4


                    thanks and hope to hear you soon,




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                      pedrovar99 Level 1

                      Dear Preran,


                      first of all I want to thank you to have tried to help me.

                      Not having received any reply from concerned team I suppose adobe staff has no interest to solve the matter


                      In addition I m still begging reply from adobe to my customer case since 5 days with no reply at all.




                      as it seems there is no way to claim with anyone (unless open new customer case that will surely not considered) and have back my money I can only inform my photographers comunity abt ADOE DISSERVICE.


                      I want to thank you to have tried to help me, at least


                      my best wishes for future