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    CS5 Index Not Exported in Acrobat


      Capture 2.JPGCapture.JPGW

      Windows 7x64, Acrobat 9 Pro all updates installed.

      I just moved from PageMaker 7 to InDesign for 1 particular job.

      I have created an Index in In-Design but it is not being exported to Acrobat. I have done the same in PageMaker 7 and it works.

      The attached image is a test from PageMaker 7, the index is actually about 200 entries and the document is 44 pages long.


      I see a clickable Index in Acrobat Under Index>Symbols and the hyperlinks work by jumping to the correct page in the PDF.


      If I open the PageMaker 7 document using InDesign the Index export stops working.


      As you can imagine moving from PM7 to InDesign is a big move and I am lost as to how to proceed. I have searched the web without success.

      I have been careful and have all settings correct as far as I can tell. I am pretty sure the problem is 'User Error" but I am stumped.

      I have no problem with paying for support, however I cannot see that option on Adobe website.



      Any assistance?



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          Doc Maik Level 4

          You confused an index with a table of contents (TOC). Only a TOC, as you created it in the background of the 1st screenshot can create bookmarks which are then exported in the PDF to show up in Acrobat's bookmark panel.

          I suppose the bookmark panel of ID, which is unfortunately not shown in the screenshot, will only have the few entries you see in Acrobat. This is probably because you didn't check "Create PDF bookmarks" in the TOC generation dialog.

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            jcallus Level 1

            Thank you for the reply, I am still confused.

            The few entries you are reffring to are from PageMaker7 just a couple lines to test what I am doing and it works as shown. Opening the Pagemaker7 doc in InDesign and it stops working.


            I repeated exactly what I what I did in Pagemaker7 in InDesign and it doesn't work.

            I do Have "Create PDF Bookmarks" checked in Acrobat when I export.

            The TOC Style names are my creation from previous job, I am not using TOC, I am using the "Index" floating pallet and clicking on "Create New Index Entry"


            I am nearing the deadline on this job and still unsure what is wrong, do you have any other suggestions, I am not sure what to do?


            Thank you!



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              Doc Maik Level 4

              Ok, but you can't export the Indesign index as bookmarks to a PDF, at least not automatically. Perhaps there are scripts to convert them.

              In your screenshot I saw you have the Indesign index panel open and there is an index defined. In the Acrobat screenshot, there is a bookmark panel.

              No matter what you opened, the PDF export can only create PDF bookmarks from true Indesign bookmarks. And those are listed in the Indesign bookmarks panel. Those bookmarks can be generated while generating a TOC or manually.

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                jcallus Level 1

                Capture.JPGThank you again Doc.

                So If I understand you correctly...

                1) In Pagemaker7 I could use Index to both create an Index and Bookmarks that will show in Acrobat.

                2) Using InDesign I must create an Index to have an Index Page "and" I must also create Bookmarks additionally if I want them to show in Acrobat. Any way to copy the Index into Bookmarks?

                3) I have looked at some instructions for creating Bookmarks and it seems easy enough to create Book Marks for the same items that I Indexed. It also looks like I need to create nested bookmarks, oh lucky me! InDesign Help | Bookmarks

                4) Have a look at the screen shot, I didn't yet create any bookmarks but there are lots of entries, hundreds. When I do create a bookmark it creates a new entry with an equally cryptic name.

                5) Should I delete these entries? Will deleting them affect my Index?


                Thanks for your assistance, I am starting to understand the process.



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                  Doc Maik Level 4

                  1) Are you sure? I also used Pagemaker 7 before I moved to Indesign and there never was something about bookmarks.

                  2) Perhaps, but I don't know. Indexes are not bookmarks, so like in your screenshot they would look awful. Try to find a script for that.

                  4) Did those come from Pagemaker? Anyway, the cryptic name comes from the way you create them. You can rename them, but that'd be a Sisyphean task.

                  5) Yes and no.


                  However, what you have there as index, what is it for? An index is a list of keywords, usually placed at the end of a book. What you have there is actually not an index, rather a set of bookmarks. Only in the wrong panel. See the screenshots here:


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                    Pickory Level 3



                    We have a script that inserts bookmarks at the index marker.




                    The resulting bookmarks are quite ugly, A->animal->horse.


                    If you use the script, please make sure you make a backup of your work.



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                      Doc Maik Level 4

                      I still don't understand the problem. Why would someone create an index that looks like a TOC? An index is an index, not something else. The thread starter has numbered headlines and also a TOC, as shown in the background of the screenshot, so he/she could easily have proper bookmarks.

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                        jcallus Level 1

                        Capture.PNGI have successfully manually created the file with the Bookmarks exported to Acrobat. I could not have done it without your assistance.

                        It would be nicer if the Index entries in Acrobat were hyperlinked like the Bookmarks are, but this works for me. 2 step process.


                        Doc, the TOC styles are imported from another doc and just not renamed. You seem to put emphasis on Index vs TOC, how do you define them? You are giving me the impression that I am making life hard on myself by creating and Index and also Bookmarks.




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                          jcallus Level 1

                          Thank you, I already went ahead and did everything manually, not that much work once I got started and I thought easier than sorting out something that turned "ugly"



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                            Doc Maik Level 4

                            OK, but for the next time: Like in your screenshot, you indeed have a TOC. The TOC is most probably not created manually. So when you let Indesign create the TOC, just activate the "Create PDF bookmarks" option, so you get bookmarks. Those can be exported to PDF as PDF bookmarks, like in your screenshot. Not necessary to make them by hand. Forget about index.