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    dreamweaver templates

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      Difficulty with relative links created in dreamweaver templates and bc system pages.


      For example and path created in dreamweaver template will look like this for an  "../images/smallheader.jpg" or "../css-modular/modular-text.css". This seems to work fine when uploaded and connected to pages I create but certain system generated pages, i.e. blog layouts, product pages are not finding the links.


      This would appear at the moment to be confined to pages where I have applied the template in the BC backend, as noted pages I create and upload appear to work fine. I have tested it and I can replace the links with absolute paths but this isn't really an efficient workflow to make sites portable or to work with dreamweaver link tools and required manually replacing all the links.


      Is there something I should be doing differently to prompt BC generated pages to recognize relative Links in dreamweaver templates?