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    newmfa Level 1
      in this movie http://www.geocities.com/newmfa/CD_Loader.dir
      i don't understand how attach my castlib to this movie to preload it ..?!

      I hope some help..

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          Charles Parcell Level 1
          MODIFY > MOVIE > CASTS

          That is how to attach a cast via within Director.

          If you are looking to preload the cast within Shockwave then preloadNetThing() is what you want to look up.
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            newmfa Level 1

            thanks for guiding me..
            if my castLib contains about 150 external cast member, what is the best way, make these members
            internal or external files on this castLib..? and the castLib itself internal or external..?

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              Charles Parcell Level 1
              If the members are going to be external files then there is no reason to have an external castLib. If you want to house all your members within the cast but only load the cast when needed then make an external cast.

              Beyond that, it all depends on your project and requirements.
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                newmfa Level 1
                OH, very easy thanks,
                Is it possible change prograss bar sprite to my custom one..?