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    Bring All Text Boxes to Front

    Andymc7 Level 1

      Hey everyone,


      Andy here again to ask a favor of all you amazing scripters out there...


      Does anyone know of a script that will bring every text frame in my doc to the front? I've run into the known issue of transparency causing some of my text to appear bold, so currently I'm having to bring each text frame to the front one by one, which is of course very time consuming.


      Any help is greatly appreciated!



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          winterm Level 5

          Better use separate layer for text, I think.

          You could check this


          or similar threads


          Or use this piece of code (it's not mine, sorry, can't recall the author):

          var TextLayer = app.activeDocument.layers.item("Text");
          var tfs = app.activeDocument.spreads.everyItem().textFrames.everyItem().getElements();
          while(tf = tfs.pop()){


          It moves not grouped and not locked Text Frames to Text layer (must be created in advance).

          Doesn't affects Master Pages.


          Yet another option - try the free script Move to Layer of russian scripter Dmitriy Lapayev: