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    Does anyone know why I get varying file sizes when I save a jpg (with same settings-None, 12, base "standard", preview checked) from PhotoshopCS5?


      I opened a .psd file (300 ppi, CMYK, .jpgs (1626px x 2130px), I saved it as a jpg (None, 12, base "standard", preview checked).

      I then closed the original .psd file.

      I repeated those steps on the same file and saved a series of 6 .jpgs.

      Of those 6 files, I received 2 large files (6.2MB) and 4 smaller (3.2MB) files.



      My coworkers who were having trouble opening some of my jpg images in Windows Photo Gallery on Vista OS were able to open the smaller files but not the larger ones.

      Do you have any idea why the same settings would give me different file sizes from CS5?

      Is there a way I can make it consistently keep the smaller more compatible version?