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    cannot open .pdf created by InDesign CS6, can open all other .pdfs

    Alexa L-Mc

      I just got InDesign CS6 at work (I use CC at home, but my company could not afford the CC subscription). I'm on PC with the minimum specs for InDesign and Photoshop Elements (also just installed). I have never been able to print to .pdf from InDesign; the program hangs. I have been doing Export to .pdf, press quality with my printer's specs. This has been working fine, except that, on occasion, I have to export the .pdf a few times to get it to open; it will give me an "either not a supported file or damaged" error message. Up until today, I have been able to export 2-3 times and would always get a .pdf that would open.


      As of today, I cannot open any .pdf at all; I get that same "not supported or damaged" error message. However, if I let my computer sit idle for about 30 minutes, it will open. In addition, after exporting, InDesign hangs on a background task of "Export " 5" and I have to close out of that task to do anything further in the program.


      I have read the forums on these issues and done what I can: I have installed all updates, backsaved to earlier Acrobat versions, exported to .idml, etc. Nothing helps.


      I will confess that I am not the most technically-savvy person by any means. My company is small and does not have an IT person, nor is there a budget for calling someone in, so it is up to me and my admittedly limited understanding of this software to fix this issue.