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    InDesign resizes print for no aparent reason


      I recently upgraded from CS4 & Mac OS 10.5.8 to CC 2014 & Mac OS 10.9.5 on a new computer. I use InDesign to print to a Ricoh ProC751ex with a Fiery controller also a Xerox 700 with a Fiery.

      I have noticed that a few jobs on both printers will change size, even though there seems no settings for it to do so are anything but 100%. Can anyone give me an idea of how to prevent it?

      The document and all placed files are verified as at 100%. Print settings are at 100%. However, when I print out or save the Fiery's RIP file as a PDF it has been reduced for some reason I can't explain. It's driving me nuts, and ruining jobs.

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          This may be of interest also. I deleted the document's content and drew a 4 x 9 box. I checked that all print settings were set to print at 100% (both InDesign's and Fiery's). It still printed smaller. I made a new document recreating as closely as I could the original one, adding the 4 x 9 box; it printed fine. Can the original file be corrupted and yet still print? That's all I can imagine. The file was originally a CS4 file that I opened and saved in CC. Could this have been where corruption took place? Is there something to prevent or to know when it's happened before a job is messed up? Thoughts?