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    Flash player problems with PDF that has multi-media content (voice recordings).


      Hi  - I created a presentation in Presenter 9 that contains audio recordings, published it as a pdf and sent it to my client's offices all over the U.S., as well as Japan, Belgium, Germany, South America and France. No one has had an issue viewing/hearing the presentation except one office, located in California.  When they try to open it, they get the following message:

      "To view the flash technololgy content in this pdf file, please install the required version of flash player."

      Because of the message, and the fact that everyone else can open the presentation, I think the issue is related to the version of Flash Player the CA office is using, and that it is not a "Presenter" problem.  The operating system and software details are as follows:


      Windows 7 Pro SP1, 64-bit

      Internet Explorer 11.0.13, 32-bit

      Adobe Reader XI Version 11.0.09

      Acrobat 9 Pro Version 9.0.0

      Adobe Flash Player 15 ActiveX


      I would welcome any advice you might have.  This is difficult for me to troubleshoot as I am not having the problem, my client is.


      Thanks -