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    Lightroom server busy takes long time to clear

    Bill in Elko Level 1

      Creative Cloud can take 10 or 15 minutes to open.  When I start Lightroom 5, I get the sever busy box.  Switch just takes you to the start screen and try again does nothing.  Photoshop CC will open, however clicking on any buttons does absolutely nothing.  Yesterday I left lightroom on for 20 minutes and then was able to click try again and after the second time clicking try again it worked great.  Photoshop CC also worked fine after 20 minutes.  When I'm in lightroom and want to edit in Photoshop CC it will take at least 5 minutes for the photo to get to Photoshop CC.  This is nuts, but after a month of going between chat and forums trying to get things working, I guess I should be happy that I can use either program. 

        I would like any suggestions on how  to speed things up.  When I say 10 or 15 minutes I'm not exaggerating.

      I'm using windows 8.1

      AMD A-6 5200   2.0 GHz

      8 gb ram