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    Linked Smart file gets rasterized


      Photoshop CC 2014.2.1 windows

      To reduce the save times and performance on a 25000 pixel psb which had several background raster layers, I converted the raster layers to a smart object then did "convert to linked"

      The linked file saved as psb. Since the other layers are all embeded Illustrator files/vector, one of the thinks I did to enhance performance was to change the dpi from 250 to 125. Then I saved the main psb. I continued to work on the main psb the rest of Friday saving the main psb file under new names several times.


      Monday, I opened the most recent version of the main psb and the linked smart object layer was rasterized (not smart). I checked the previous 2 versions which both exhibited the same problem. The original main psb (the one saved promptly after doing the linked smart object) is fine (still has the linked smart object). Since the linked file is save separately, I used the "file" "place linked" to relink it. No biggie.


      I have been trying to figure out if this was something I did. I know I didn't rasterize the linked smart object. I was pretty certain that I didn't mistakenly open the file in PS6 by mistake - and in fact did this with a copy just to see what would happen and I get a warning/nag screen. So I know that didn't happen.


      Several times, I have closed and reopened the main psb with the "place linked" smart object and it is good.

      Is this a known issue with "convert to linked"?

      Is there a difference between a SmOb layer via "convert to linked" verses a SmOb layer via "place linked"?