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    How to create indent without starting a new paragraph


      In books, paragraphs are indented without starting an entirely new paragraph, like this :




      How do I do this on indesign? As when I try to indent, it takes the paragraph downwards, leaving a big space between the lines, like this:


      You are sitting in a park. You are not sure how you came to be in this place, but, for some reason or another, this anomaly in your personal timeline does not trouble you. The wood from the bench beneath you is warm, and the park offers you a sense of peace that was lacking in the place you had belonged to before.

      The park appears to be secreted deep within the marrow of a city; you deduct this from the tall, greying buildings that thrust above the trees lining this grassy space. The windows in the buildings, however, are barely definable, and you realise you can’t quite grasp the exact relation of the buildings to the trees. You feel afloat, and you clutch at the painted slats that support you.


      There is a big gap between the line that ends with 'belonged to before' and the new one beginning 'The Park'. How can I create an indent that allows the lines to be as close together as if it were a page in a book? I've tried making the space between lines smaller, but it looks strange. As all books look like the above link, there should be an easy way to do this?