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    Adobe Flash problem!?


      Every time I draw with the brush, and once I lift my pen away (or unclick the mouse), Flash decides to select the drawing, and once I start drawing my next part, it un-selects the first drawn line and selects the new one, and keeps doing this over and over again.

      I start drawing with the brush, and on 'Properties' it says 'Brush'. But once I've drawn, and let go, 'Properties' now says 'Drawing object'. (And it definitely wasn't doing this before. In-fact, 'Properties' remained saying 'Brush', and not changing at all - so hence me knowing that something has gone tits-up!

      It wasn't doing this last time I used it, so I must have knocked a button / command or what-not.


      I'm new to Flash, hence not knowing what the hell has just happened.


      (And I don't want someone answering this telling me that I have to MAKE SURE its a real version, and not actually answering my bloody question.)

      So if you are capable of actually answering this for me, then please do.

      And don't 'answer' with something irrelevant!


      Thanks, and looking forward to you reply



      (Image, demonstrating what happens when I draw something [and lift pen off])


      (And no, it isn't to do with my graphics tablet or mouse. It's simply o do with a setting turned on/off in the program. But I just don't know where to find & fix it)


      (And it doesn't need updates! - I REPEAT! - This is just a function turned on/off that is causing this!)