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    HSlider with lables.

    oscar7878 Level 1

      I'm using a HSlider to select a price between a max and a min value. I'm getting the min / max price from mysql, so I dont know the values before calling the remote object.

      I'm assigning the HSlider.minimum and HSlider.maximun with the values from the remote object but i can not assing the "LABELS".

      How can create the HSlider' "lables" using actionscript?

      I tryed:

      //PriceFrom is the HSlider and 'labelMinPrice' / 'labelMaxPrice' are variables.
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          You can do this:


          Where labelMinPrice and labelMaxPrice are variables, OR


          If you want to bind the labels you will need to bind the array that you are using to assign the variables:

          var myArray = =["labelMinPrice","labelMaxPrice"];

          <mx:HSlider labels="{ myArray }" />