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    Where is product key for InDesign CS5 located in Mac Osx?


      Hello Adobe Community,


      So this is the context:

      Our only Mac in head office is unable to boot up into OSx, I took it to the Genius bar to troubleshoot and they said to wipe the hard drive and re install OSx which is fine except that I need the InDesign CS5 product key off of it. We don't have the product key written down anywhere or the original software/box it came with and also, I don't know which email address InDesign is registered to because it was installed years before I was hired. But I am able to access the hard drive on the Mac and see all the files by booting off an OSx on my USB key. So my question is: does anyone know the file or where I can find the product key on the hard drive?


      I'm hoping someone has run into a similiar problem and has a magical answer!


      Thanks in advance!