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    Image transfer from Nikon D810 to Lightroom fail


      I have just bought a Nikon D810 and tried to download images directly from the camera to Lightroom 4.4 by using "Copy as DNG" and "Copy". Both failed and no images were imported.

      I have tried it with a card reader (hama) as well. Same result - zero images.

      What do I have to do?

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Lightroom 5.6 is the oldest version of LR to recognize D810 raw files, so you’ll need to upgrade to use the process you’re describing.


          If you want to copy the images by hand you can use the DNG Converter 8.6 (or newer) to convert the D810 NEFs from your card and specify a destination folder on your hard-drive, then those DNG copies of the images can be imported into the older LR 4.4.  I would recommend saving your NEFs somewhere, perhaps in a subfolder of where you've copied the DNGs, in case you decide to upgrade, or use non-Adobe software, at some point in the future.


          The DNG Converter 8.6 is available on the Adobe Updates page: