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    solution architecture for online editing of complex and big template


      Which is the best and right solution architecture to satisfy this scenario?


      My users must to edit via web some documents.

      The document that an user edits come from a template deployed into a website.

      The template is the same for a set of users.

      So those documents are a mix of a form (where user insert text, number and images) and a big document to realize a print like a magazine or a brochure.


      Those documents could be have more or less 50 pages...and more or less 300 fields.


      The user edits the document(s) online web with a browser (no client/software installation) and cannot change template structure or data binding.


      Inside the template are needed some cross checks between fields values (for example if the user insert X into a field...the value of another field must to be Y).


      Some fields are image fields.


      Some fields are flowable text fields. I mean... the document/template is big and many fields values are in natural language with a limit of min/max of characters. So the user can insert a variable number of words and the final document to print need to be beautyfull and nice to see. No blank space between fields or bad layout of pages. The documents are more similar like those samples




      http://www.joomag.com/magazine/rapporto-coop-consumi-e-distribuzione-rapporto-coop-2014/00 50209001409735318?p=1&e=1&embedInfo=;image,https%3A%2F%2Fd25ow0ysq5ykrj.cloudfront.net%2Ff lash%2Fgui%2Fthemes%2Fdefault%2Fbg.jpg,fill


      Is necessary that the user sees how its document is coming out. I don't know if it is possible see it at (near) real time or not, but the user experience has to allow users to edit big documents and see if it is "possibile" to print it (I mean in typography).


      The template must contains some user interactions to allow help and support about each field contents.


      The final document must have a summary with title and page numbers of chapters.


      In function of some fields values...other sections of document (I mean a set of fields in block) must disappear from final document (for example because of they are not regarding that user) so is not necessary that the user sees and fills those fields.


      Some fields are pre populated/filled with values coming from database.


      The user edit its document in more days and when he returns at work, obviously, the previous work not have to be lost.


      Not many templates will be distribuited (at start I think 5/10 different templates available to some hundred of users) but they are complex in quantity of data and quality of graphic layout.


      We need to process data inserted by users so the solution cannot is a "simple" flat online word editor because the data are structured into a database and because of some data dependency is needed.


      These are some main and general requirements.


      I'm evaluating differents IT solution architectures and products. Some decision regards to *make* custom forms with a software developer and then render final pdf with programming or with some software or *buy* development products that allow build complex forms into a IDE and to publish forms...


      Which could be the best solution using Adobe products and which modules will necessary to use?


      Livecycle + InDesign client and InDesign Server?

      Only Licecycle?



      Thank you in advance for your suggestions.