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    Magic Bullet Looks Error in After Effects CC 2014 (Latest)

    Thifyan123 Level 1

      My PC specs:

      Windows 7 Home Premium

      Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2350M CPU @ 2.30Hz  2.30Hz

      RAM: 4.00GB

      System Type: 64-Bit


      This is for Adobe(R) After Effects(R) CC - 2014.1.1 Release (Version


      I didn't get this issue when i was using Adobe After Effects CC (Version 12.2) instead of After Effects CC 2014 (Version 13.1.13)


      Here is the issue:

      When i add Magic Bullet Looks onto my clip and then press edit:

      Gyazo - a978019a26d81a694b2eb7c7b222c333.png


      It brings up the "Looks Builder" window:

      Gyazo - 0c5413ac656bc4f251053331b455f635.png


      After i hover over or click on a preset from the "Looks" tab and then after effects says "Not Responding" and I also get an error message saying "After Effects error: crash occured while invoking effect plug-in "Magic Bullet Looks.":

      Gyazo - d20bd9ad8215288401e7194ccc2e75d4.png


      Please respond as soon as possible


      Thank you,