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    Adding Numeric Fields and Calculating Totals.

    K@JB Level 1

      I have added another NumericField (4) to a form and want to calculate it with the 'total' numericField only, ie


      NumericField 1

      NumericField 2

      NumericField 3 - this is 15% of the total of NF1 & 2

      NumericField 4 - this is to exclude the 15% and then be added to the Total

      NumericField 5 - Total of all the above


      I don't seem to be able to get field 4 to adjust the Total when I add a value. How would I change it

      the script for NumericField5 is: event.value=NumericField1.rawValue+NumericField2.rawValue+NumericField3.rawValue


      Thank you