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    Why is adobe.com covered in links to a virus?


      At Adobe.com, the links all over this page for Video Downloader are virus sites.

      They appear legit but Norton knows better. One is a datacollector! The asterisks [!] with "Video Downloader," appear as Adobe's red and white icon.

      The sidebar links repeatedly request I update via the link to  iSpeed.club Homepage

      and it installed bugs on my computer. I've scanned and deleted all cooties but you all need to know this is splattered all over Adobe's legit site at adobe.com.

      Repeatedly, from adobe.com, my attempts to download updates to Flash Player reach 33% download, loses connectivity, and forces a stop.

      I should not see this since I use Google Chrome.


      adobe prob.JPG

      adobe prob2.JPG

      adobe prob3.JPG


      adobe prob4.JPG