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    Cannot sign in to install adobe flash player


      I have a mac and I need to install adobe flash player. I cannot watch videos on my mac, I keep getting message on the screen that says "flash out of date."  I looked online and I am supposed to install adobe flash player, but I cannot sign in. I cannot figure out what "name" I am supposed to use when I get to the sign in pop up box. The pop up box says: "Install Adobe Flash Player wants to make changes. Type your password to allow this." Then I have to type my "name" and "password." I have already changed my password, but I am guessing it is the "name" that is incorrect. I do not see an option where I an update the "name." I don't recall making an adobe account so I tried to create a new one, but when I used my email address (the same one I use for everything), adobe already has it on file. So I am assuming I already have an account, but I cannot figure it out or finish installing adobe flash player. I cannot sign in, please help!