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    Best place to get help with system upgrade / rebuild?


      I'm trying to help a video-editor friend of mine upgrade her current MacPro-based editing rig, which after five years is really starting to show its age, particularly as she starts to push the capabilities of PPro, AfterEffects, etc. However, after trying to research things on my own, I find myself overwhelmed by the spectrum of options and configurations available, the benefits of which seem to depend a lot on the specific kinds of work involved. Even the cost/benefit of upgrading her existing system vs full replace, and with the latter whether to stay Mac or move to a Windows system, are proving hard to pin down.

      So, can anyone recommend someone who can work with us to assess her needs and budget and spec a system? I know some of the online vendors have some knowledgeable folks working their sales lines (B&H? others?); has anyone had good/bad experiences with them? Other options for this (that won't require spending as much on the consulting as the system itself)

      I appreciate any suggestions,

      Peter Halverson