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    Can you restore the Data from a previous history point


      I made a booboo... and erased some data from one particular column.  I can go back into the history and see the correct data and I tried to cut and paste into the current version but I think that the sort order is different because when I paste it in, some of the values do not correspond properly... so I think there should be an easier way... for example, can we restore from a previous history point?  Please help!

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          Drewy62 Adobe Employee

          We've seen cases of data alignment issues when trying to restore deleted data. Unfortunately this happen most often when data has been manually manipulated after the deletion and before the recovery of the data. Having had to repair response tables I can tell you it was easiest to export all the data into excel where you have more control over sort order. Once you find sort order that comes closest to matching your original data you will need to insert or delete rows till you get it to match perfectly. Sorry that is really the only way I know to fix the problem.