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    Slicing and exporting to Dreamweaver question

      I use Fireworks and then slice up my comp and export as nested tables to Dreamweaver. What I would like to do is export it with the image pieces as the background of the table cells with a transparent gif overlay, to help prevent image theft. I know no method is fool proof, but is there a way to do this in Fireworks without having to manually go back and change all of the image pieces to the background of the cells?

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          Not really, no. And of course by "no" I mean, sortof ... I'm fairly certain
          you could use javascript and the FW API to create a command to do this, but
          I imagine this would be HUGELY complicated and not for the faint of heart.

          FYI: modern web design practices discourage the use of tables to lay out
          your web pages. Tables should only be used for displaying tabular data (ex.
          stats). Instead you should be using div & span tags along with CSS to lay
          out your site(s). In the long run this will give you a LOT more flexibility
          as your sites grow and become more complicated