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    Lightroom 5.6, OS X Yosemite: target adjustment and slider "scrub" slow and hitchy


      Hello Adobe experts!


      After installing OS X Yosemite on my Mac, Lightroom 5.6 developed a problem: both target adjustments (tone curve, HSL) and parameter value "scrub" motions are agonizingly slow and "hitchy": they'll stick on a value as I move my mouse and then jump suddenly to keep up.


      Let me clarify what I mean by "adjustment value scrub motions": for some values, I'd been in the habit of putting my mouse over a given parameter's number value, and then moving the mouse left or right to increase or decrease the value. In the past, this occasionally offered a higher degree of control or a specific increment than simply moving a parameter's slider.


      Mostly, this problem affects my use of the Tone Curve panel, where I'd been in the habit of creating custom curves with target adjustments.


      Prior to installing OS X Yosemite, both target adjustments and parameter value "scrubbing" were smooth as silk. And for what it's worth, the rest of Lightroom still performs wonderfully--sliders are brisk, brushes and heal-clone operations are smooth.


      I tried deleting and re-installing Lightroom after I noticed this issue, but it made no difference.


      Anyone else experiencing this problem? Any thoughts on a solution?