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    Inline anchored object won't push text down


      I am using ID CC. Previously I don't have in problem placing inline anchored images. When I place an image using text tool, the image will push down text after it. But after i have done something (I believe it is the cause) in ID by following the instructions found here to correct column text alignment issue,  inline anchored images stop to behave normally. Now text after the placed images won't be push down, the line where the image is inserted won't go down to make room for the image, ending up with the image covering the text above it  (see the attached image). I am sure the image is anchored and inline. How can i make this to work again?


      Thank you.






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          smoothsea Level 3

          Hi Eric,


          I believe the problem is because the leading on the image paragraph is now set to 14pt, whereas previously it was probably set to auto. Auto leading is the only way to get images to push the text down like you want. Note also that for some reason, ID has a preference "Apply leading to whole paragraphs" turned off by default. Unless you select the whole paragraph, auto-leading will not work the way you want it to until you have this preference switched on.





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            eric2013 Level 1

            Hi Malcolm,


            Thank you so much! you saved my day.  It turns out that I changed leading to auto for the basic paragraph style on which all other styles are based on. Now I changed the leading for the image to auto, it works normally.