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    photos neither importing nor synching


      I have one folder out of dozens where only 1/3 of the photos will import or synch into Lightroom.  All the files are .jpgs.  When I import, it only pulls 225 of 600+ photos.  When I ask it to synch, it recognizes that there are nearly 400 missing photos, but when I tell it to import those missing photos it comes back and says there is nothing new to import.  To troubleshoot I deleted the folder out of Lightroom and tried to re-import.  I renamed the folder on my server and tried to import.  I moved the folder off my server onto my desktop and tried to import.   I tried to synch from all those locations, and every time I did it said there were 385 missing files, but when I went to import it thought for awhile and decided there was nothing new to import.  I rebooted Lightroom.  And now I have no more ideas.