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    Lightroom blows up constantly!

    rsereque@ix.netcom.com Level 1

      I subscribe to the monthly Adobe "Photo" products, Photoshop and Lightroom and always keep them updated.  I've been a Photoshop user for many years and decided to fire up LR (version 5.6) since I've had it and other versions on my hard drive for years (the other versions are now gone).  I'm on a PC with Win 7 Prof. 64-bit and have 12 GB of RAM.  This is my Photoshop PC, so I don't run anything else on here.  All my images are on an 8TB NAS on my network.  When I tried to import them and create a new catalog, LR would crash during the process.  On the fourth try it worked and said I have 154,000 images taking up 3TB.  When I go into LR and try selecting a photo, the screen grays over and it crashes.  When I try to restart it, it says the catalog is already being used by another application.  In Task Manager, I see that even though it crashed, part of it is still running so I close that instance.  When I re-open it, it now says I only have 152,000 images instead of the 154,000 I previously had (I haven't touched the NAS drive at all)  Of course, it'll crash again, and the next time I open it, there are only 5 images.  I do check the box to look in subfolders.  Photoshop and Bridge have no problems seeing and accessing all my photos.  So I cannot actually use LR and I'm tired of having to re-import everything every day, and have it crash during that process as well.  I used to do computer consulting and wrote software so I always run security and virus software.  I loaded another (bought) copy onto my wife's PC, and she's had no problems.  I can't even edit an image since it never stays up that long.  I think re-installing it will give the same results, not to mention I'd have to re-install all my plug-ins.  I don't want to create multiple smaller catalogs as it's a pain  to find my stuff now.  Again, Photoshop, Bridge, and all my plug-ins run fine.  I also noticed that LR cannot do automatic imports from a network drive.  Why would the software have that limitation?  I know Adobe can write good apps, but with LR constantly crashing, I'm not sure if they got it right this time.  Any suggestions?  I couldn't find a way to email Adobe tech support.  Thank you.