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    InDesign Server CC - AppleScript - activate document


      We have an issue to run our AppleScripts with the CC version. It seems that something has changed regarding how to activate ("talk to") a document in InDesign Server CC.

      This script changes the behaviour of printing inks in ink manager. With CS5, it runs, with CC i got an error.


      tell application "Adobe InDesign Server"




          set myDocument to document 1


          tell myDocument


              set docInks to inks


              repeat with x from 1 to count docInks


                  if is process ink of item x of docInks is false then


                      set convert to process of item x of docInks to true


                  end if


              end repeat


          end tell


      end tell



      I assume the line

      set myDocument to document 1

      works no longer.

      Which is the right expression?