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    Indesign doesn't find my documents


      Hi... I am using Indesign CC 2014.

      When I want to open a document and search for a part of it#s name (like "flyer") there are no results shown.

      Even if I have at least 50 of such documents on my Mac.

      Second issue is: When I make a new form like a rectangle or I import a vector eps or image it creates automatically a "Flow around" (I don't know the expression in English)

      Pleas help...!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          I can't help with the search function (but there are other threads about that here), but if "text wrap" is being applied to all objects when created it mean it has been set as the default (accidentally, I'm sure). With no object selected, open the Text Wrap panel and choose the button on the left for no wrap. This will fix the current document. If it happens in new documents, too, then you must close all files and repeat the process with no files open.


          Most defaults in InDesign are set this way -- make a setting with nothing selected and it becomes the new default.

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            Anjasito Level 1

            Thank you Peter! That worked!