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    Images not loading in IE when emdeding muiltiple flash movies

      I am currently working on the development of a site that has multiple (x4) flash movies embedded into a .html page. Each flash movie is totally independant requesting + parsing it's own xml to provide it's functionality.

      When i view the page in Internet Explorer (V 6.0.2900), on a PC content images in the body of the page fail to load. I have tried all permiatations of various tests, including:

      1. Using the normal (standard) embed to right the flash to the page.
      2. Using java script to dynamicall write the flash into div's positioned within the body of the page.

      Both method fail to load images into the page.

      When I take the flash out of the page it loads just perfect!

      It is as if the browser can't handle flashes requests for XML and interfears, with the loading of the rest of the page.

      I have been forced to write the flash to the screen using an 'onLoad' function but this is totally unacceptable, as the on of the flash movies is the menu and there is now way it is acceptable for that to load after page content.

      I have been tearing my hair out on this one for getting on for a week now, any help would be most appreciated.

      I can provide more details if neccesary.

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          security_breach Level 1
          Here is a stripped down version of the code, all the divs sit in a html frame (containing structure, page content and page images) but i have had to strip it down for example purposes.

          flashobject.js is an external Javascript file for embedding the flash but the issue is not related to this (i think) because i have also ran tests using the stadard <object><embed>.

          If i do not write the flash after the onLoad the body images do not display in Internet Explorer. Yet I can right click on the area where the image should be and select 'Show Picture' and the image will display.

          ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------------------------

          <script type="text/javascript" src="js/flashobject.js"></script>


          <body onload="drawFlash();">

          <!--- Some example html, with image the image doesn't render in Internet Explorer --->
          <div class="headingBlackBkgndDiv"><span class="globalHeading"><strong>MotoGP</strong></span></div>
          <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
          <td colspan="9" align="center" class="imageGreyBkgndPad0"><img src="imgs/class_header_image.jpg" alt="MotoGP - action shot" width="367" height="200" /></td>
          <td colspan="9"><div class="spacer13"><img src="imgs/spacer.gif" alt="" width="1" height="13" /></div></td>
          <!-- Class banner: flash component -->
          <div id="classBanner"></div>
          <!-- Next Race: flash component -->
          <div id="nextRaceComponent"></div>
          <!-- Menu: flash component -->
          <div id="MenuComponent"></div>
          <!-- Quick View: flash component -->
          <div id="quickViewComponent"></div>

          <!-- Insert all the flash into the page using FlashObject -->
          <script type="text/javascript">

          function drawFlash() {

          <!-- Menu Component -->
          var menu = new FlashObject("swf/MenuComponent.swf", "Menu", "100%", "100%", "7", "#FFFFFF");
          menu.addVariable("bIsDynamic", "false");
          menu.addVariable("sCurrentClass", "MotoGP");
          menu.addVariable("sCurrentPage", "motoGP.html");
          menu.addVariable("sUserXML", "xmlStore/user_profile.xml");
          menu.addVariable("sBaseDir", "xmlStore/site_navigation.xml");
          menu.addParam("scale", "noscale");
          menu.addParam("salign", "tl");
          menu.addParam("wmode", "transparent");
          <!-- Class Image Component -->
          var classimage = new FlashObject("swf/class_image.swf", "myNextRace", "560", "67", "7", "#000000");
          classimage.addVariable("bIsDynamic", "false");
          classimage.addVariable("sBaseDir", "imgs/classBanners/class_images_SUPERBIKE.jpg");
          <!-- Next Race Component -->
          var nextrace = new FlashObject("swf/next_race.swf", "myNextRace", "359", "30", "7", "#000000");
          nextrace.addVariable("sBaseDir", "xmlStore/next_race.xml");
          <!-- Quick View Component -->
          var quickview = new FlashObject("swf/QuickView.swf", "myQuickView", "100%", "100%", "7", "#FFFFFF");
          quickview.addVariable("sBaseDir", "xmlStore/quick_view.xml");
          quickview.addVariable("sCurrentClass", "MotoGP");
          quickview.addParam("scale", "noscale");
          quickview.addParam("salign", "tl");
          quickview.addParam("wmode", "transparent");