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    Selected event/photo import from iPhoto to LR 5.6

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      I've been using LR (OS X) since v3 to tune up selected photos. With the news that iPhoto is going away I've decided to import all future photos into LR. I can't justify importing all of my existing iPhoto pictures (>10k across multiple iPhoto libraries). At present, I import new photos from my cameras with custom dated filename, text field "event" description, etc. into LR and flag rejects for later deletion.


      Much of what resides in my iPhoto libraries contains family events, vacations and other things that are fine where they are. I plan on using copy/import (with the same custom file naming as my camera imports) to bring my best photos and important events into LR and leave the others were they reside (where I can fire up iPhoto to grab a particular one if needed).


      My question is: Is there a better approach (that might include use of the LR iPhoto import plug-in)? I don't mind having copies of photos in two places (iPhoto and LR) since I am only importing a fraction of my existing iPhoto data.



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          I found selectively importing was not feasible using the iPhoto importer plug-in. It is an "all or nothing" proposition (you cannot select a subset of photos to import). I ended up with thumbnails, photos and a mess of individual date folders.


          I opted for importing the entire iPhoto library "Masters" folder for each of my iPhoto libraries into separate folders (not creating sub folders!) and using custom filenames.


          The way I was able to reference the Masters folder in each iPhoto library was by creating a symbolic to each in my Pictures folder and then starting a custom import in LR.


          Assuming your iPhoto libraries exist in a different location (OSXbackupHD for example), open the Terminal app (Applications Utilities Terminal)


          Create a link to an existing iPhoto library by entering a command along the lines of:

          ln -s /Volumes/OSXbackupHD/Scratch/iPhotoLibraries/iPhone_iPhoto\ Library.photolibrary ~/Pictures/iPhone5s_Import


          The above command creates a pointer to the source directory (on a different volume) in your Pictures folder. Once this is created you can use the LR import mechanism to copy/import (or just import and leave the originals where they reside).


          Note: make sure you set the import source to the Masters folder within your iPhoto library instead of the top level iPhoto directory to avoid importing thumbnails and other duplicates.