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    Missing fonts in Windows InDesign CC'14 vs OSX


      We are a school with about 500 Windows 7 machines. We also have an iMac suite (about 25 strong). We have a Creative Cloud subscription and have deployed it to all of our computer suites and our iMac suite. CC 2014 versions of the relevant products have all been pushed out, so there should be parity between the two platforms.


      Our problem is that our Windows clients are outright missing 90% of the TrueType fonts that are available on the OSX (Mavericks) clients. Most of the Media classes are taken in the iMac suite, and therefore the majority of their content has been created in there, but two or three times per week the classes rotate to a Windows suite. Some students are encountering issues where fonts are missing after opening their INDDs in InDesign for Windows.


      I discovered that InDesign for OSX has vastly more fonts than on its Windows counterpart, specifically of the TrueType variety. About 90% of the TrueType fonts on Windows were missing. As far as I could tell, all of the OpenType fonts matched.


      Students get the follow dialogue when they launch InDesign with a missing font:


      So yeah, that's my issue. I've literally spent all afternoon researching this issue to no avail and am pretty much stumped at this point.


      Any help and advice will be more than appreciated!


      Thanks for reading.

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

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            Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Early on in the life of Mac OS X (which has been around for over 10 years in multiple versions—we're now at 10.10), Apple advertised how many beautiful fonts were available with Mac OS X. And, it's true, they do install a lot of TrueType fonts.


            Microsoft provides much fewer. As far as I can tell, most of them are installed with you install Microsoft Office products.


            It's just the way it is.


            I guess you could show students a list of the fonts installed with Creative Cloud apps (Minion Pro, Myriad Pro, etc.). You could also teach them about downloading Typeset fonts (although they won't be able to carry those to another location which doesn't have a CC subscription).