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    how to setup document with bleed given in this manner?

    coonasty Level 1

      i have a design in photoshop that is going to a printing company.  i usually get exact specs with bleed for how to setup document.  such as the overall document size and then the live area size (where main artwork goes) which would be slightly smaller and the difference is the bleed.  or they straight out say what overall document size is and what the exact bleed is.


      im working with a new company that prints billboards and they sent me specs that read exactly like this:  12.3" wide by 4.21" height  (.2" bleed included) 300dpi CMYK


      now my question is this b/c of the way they say that the bleed is included should my overall document size be 12.3" x 4.21" with a live area size of 12.1" x 4.01" or is it overall document size of 12.5" x 4.41" with a live area size of 12.3" x 4.21".


      weird way to word imo but maybe that's normal speak for some companies and i just dont know it.  i dont want to come off as a dummy and ask them if this happens to be normal design speak.   TIA