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    To persist the data dropped in a List or Tree

      The built-in drag-and-drop behavior of mx:List and mx:Tree works beautifully in terms of visual drag-and-drop effects. But I need to persist the changed data model (dataProvider) of the target mx:List and mx:Tree. What's the best practice to achieve this?

      By "best practice", I am hoping to use the built-in dnd support of mx:List and mx:Tree and somehow get notified of the data change caused by the data drop. Even better, I don't want to extend mx.controls.List/Tree classes so that I can take full advantage of <mx:List> and <mx:Tree> tags. (I've tried to extend mx.controls.List in order to override protected methods; then <my:List> does not accept <mx:itemRenderer> any more.)

      This is a pretty common use case of list/tree drag-n-drop but I found it hard to achieve, or am I missing something obvious?